Company Overview

Adaptive Technology Consulting (ATC) is a research-based software consulting firm headquartered in the Greater Nashville Area. 

The primary focus of ATC is on the development of software systems for applications in healthcare, particularly mental health applications for assessment and intervention. 



ATC was awarded a federal grant to develop a digital screener for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in toddlers.

The tool, called Autoscreen, leverages its technological platform to update and enhance the traditional screening process in several unique ways. Using a tablet coupled with wireless earbud and input devices, Autoscreen seamlessly guides healthcare providers through the procedures of a novel behavioral assessment. This assessment is designed to actively tease out social and communication behaviors indicative of ASD risk.

In addition, providers score a child's behavior across key categories of social skills using a screener that is embedded directly within Autoscreen. These codes are then processed by an original algorithm and a cumulative index of risk is generated.

The project was funded in August of 2018 by the National Institute of Mental Health. ATC was the recipient of a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I award (1R43MH115528).

Autism Driving School

1.4 million Americans with ASD actively drive a vehicle with approximately 60,000 teens with ASD becoming age-eligible each year. A recent swell of research suggests that drivers with ASD are particularly prone to increased rates of traffic violations and motor vehicle crashes.

Alva is a software platform integrated with a driving simulation rig and an eye tracker for driving training and assessment, tailored towards the unique needs of individuals with ASD, for whom few resources for driving training exist.

Through the generous support of the Frist Center for Autism & Innovation, we will deploy Alva within a brand new “Autism Driving School” in which individuals with ASD can safely and comfortably practice driving skills while simultaneously receiving individually-tailored feedback. Nashville-based enrollment in a pilot investigation of the program is expected to begin in late 2019.